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FEDAS Information

What is FEDAS?

FEDAS represents the trans-border interests of specialist sports retailers forming part of associations in European countries. It provides services for members and third parties and is a dialogue partner for all questions concerning specialist sports retailing in Europe.

Board of Directors

Werner Haizmann, President, Union of Germany Sporting Goods Retailers e.V. VDS, Stuttgart, Germany

Ernst Aichinger, Union of Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Retailers VSS├ľ, Vienna, Austria

Dave Quadvlieg, INretail, AG Zeist, Niederlande

Marcel Savioz, Union of Swiss Sporting Goods Retailers ASMAS, Sion, Switzerland



Fedas, Gutenbergstrasse 6, Postfach 5226, 3001 Bern (Schweiz).

Telefon ++41 31 381 93 61, Fax ++41 31 382 02 42, e-mail

Secretary General: Claude Benoit, Bern