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Questions and Answers

Here are some questions and answers regarding the FEDAS Classification Key.

1. Question:
We require also a FEDAS Classification for ‘Running- Reflector Vests’ ie., a reflective vest that people can wear over their top.

The ‚Running- Reflector Vests’ have been given the code:

2. Question:
We are a sport retail group and offer rucksacks as well as trolleys, suitcases and travel bags as part of our range of products. Unfortunately we were unable to find a suitable FEDAS product type for these goods.

In the product type Leisure / Fashion Summer all year you will find the corresponding product groups.

1.75. XX.X = Leisure / Fashion Summer all year

1.75.83.X = Leisure bags = Suitcases = Trolleys = Travel bags

3. Question:
We are searching for the product classification key for our table-tennis computer game, but could not find the right code.

In this instance you should classify it under

4. Question:
We would be very pleased if you could open a new FEDAS key for "Beach Games". We would classify products such as Beach Flingo, Beach Tennis, Beach Frisbee, and Croquet under this product type.

At such short notice we are unable to open a new key. This has to be done by the International FEDAS Task Force after it has been discussed and authorised. These types of products have been classified under the following product main groups: = Hardware - Various games - Various games = Frisbee