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Last Update
Database was updated

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New logo 

In Sept 2016  our organization FEDAS-DHO changed the  name to SGI-DHO

Mai 2022:  

The French version of the Database was translated (status 2.23.00 ). New bike structure (version 2.23.00) still to be translated.


November 2020:  Database update 2.23.00 smaller adaptations

With this updated we launch new activities for the following bicycle activities:



Code         Description                                  Action


54               Mountain biking (MTB)            New

55               Trekking biking                           New

56               Triathlon                                      Only for apparel & footwear

57               City / Urban biking                    New

58               Road biking                                New

59               Other biking                               New

60               Basic biking (Accessories)       Only accessories, apparel & footwear

Only bikes for sale will be classified in the new activities. All other bike items (accessories, apparel & footwear) will be allocated to the activity 60 "Basic bike". With this concept, the product classification keys for bike accessories, apparel and footwear will mainly stay unchanged.

The new bike product classification keys now allow the classification of e-bikes, an extremely important part of the bike business now and in the coming years.

We also have structured the bike rental business in the same way as bike equipment.

If you have a SGI-DHO login (subscribers or members) you can download the update under the fololowing link:

---->  Latest Update version 2.27.00