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In Sept 2016  our organization changed the  name to:

New logo 


A) Monday 4th of February, Task Force Meeting. ISPO Munich 

BMonday 4th of February, Board Meeting. ISPO Munich

Oct. 2018: 

A) New codes for Gender, Age and Colour was launched 

B) Proct Type 8 was allocated to Nutrition 

C) Activity 14 (Leisure / Fashion Winter) was inactivated 

D) Multisport (00) was partly redefined and reduced to a minimum

For details please consult the navigation points in the main menu marked with "NEW" 

Mai 2018: 

The English descriptions of the Product Types (1st digit of the code) was changed: 

1 = Hardware --> Equipment 

2 = Textile --> Apparel 

3 = Shoes --> Footwear

Jan. 2018:

Paddle Sports was fully implemented for all Product Types (Equipment, Apparel, Fottwear).