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The key success factor to achieve an efficient upstream supply chain within an industry is the use of standards. Our product classification key (PCK), also known in the industry as FEDAS code, is meant to make data transfer and product identification easier on all levels.

With the current 6-digit code, you can immediately know what kind of products we are talking about with a simple structure:

Digit 1                 Product type (Hardware, Footwear, Textile, Service, Rental)
Digit 2 and 3      Activity code (type of sports)
Digit 4 and 5      Product Maingroup of the activity
Digit 6                 Product Subgroup

3  = footwear
  24  = tennis
       06  = outdoor
           1  = men/unisex low
324061   = Tennis outdoor shoe men/unisex low



The Product Classificstion Key (PCK) is regularly updated. If  you want to receive an alert when ever an update is launced and get access to the entire PCK files in PDF or Excel format, then we offer the following options:

  • become member:   you get the PCK in excel (.csv) and you receive an alert for each new release/update of the product classification key. Very easy to use the data in your ERP.  
    As of EUR 300 / year
        Link to membership tab


  • 1-time download:   you get the PCK in PDF. Please send your request per e-mail.
       EUR 150.-